The IFRS 17 accounting standard provides opportunities to both modernize and further complicate insurers’ finance and actuarial systems. Sponsored by Deloitte and FIS, this webinar will focus on the need for IT, finance and actuarial teams to work closely together to implement IFRS 17, while reducing technology risk and driving positive transformation. Learn from the practical experiences of those involved in the development of IFRS 17 solutions and of successful implementation projects around the world. The webinar will cover calculation and data integration challenges that IFRS 17 presents, as well as the importance of developing robust, transparent, cross-functional capabilities.



Richard Marshall

Consulting Partner, Deloitte UK

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Richard is a Consulting Partner in Deloitte UK with over 20 years’ experience delivering complex change for insurance clients. For the past 10 years Richard has focused exclusively on Finance challenges, particularly managing the interlock between interdependent multi-year change initiatives. More recently his focus has been on regulatory change and Solvency II and Richard is now the IFRS17 Technology lead for Deloitte UK.

Oscar Weafer

Director of Risk Solutions Management and Strategy at FIS

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Oscar is responsible for the actuarial modelling capabilities of FIS’s Prophet platform and in particular their IFRS 17 solution offering, Oscar is a qualified actuary with over 15 years of experience in management, consultancy and development roles.


Abuzarr Kotadia

Actuarial Senior Manager, Deloitte UK



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