Airfare data is highly relied upon by airlines for pricing activities and route profitability studies. Still few airports are tapping into this source of insight.

In this webinar we will look at how Airfare Big Data allows Airports to:

    • Analyse airline customers’ performance
    • Identify new revenue opportunities

We will also analyse one of the most celebrated success stories of 2017: Norwegian’s long-haul operations from London Gatwick to New York J.F.K. We will look at how to evaluate the airline’s performance and its impact on Gatwick’s operations.


Chris Buckingham

Senior VP Sales at Infare


Chris Buckingham has over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry working on large projects with network planning, revenue management, and IT professionals throughout the world. Currently Senior Vice President of Sales at Infare, he previously held executive positions at QL2 Software and Attachmate Corporation. Chris is a frequent speaker at aviation conferences typically on the subject of leveraging Big Data to improve revenue and profitability.


Anders Nygaard

BI Solutions Product Manager at Infare


Anders Nygaard is a product and business manager at Infare. He has an analytical expertise which is greatly complimented with previous work experience as a project manager at Nasdaq OMX, Nordea and Sydbank and a co-founder of Optimalpension. For the past 5 years at Infare, he worked extensively with Altus as well as developing new products based on customer feedback. With more than 10 years of experience in finances, Anders brings a unique business perspective to the Infare's product portfolio.


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