It’s predicted that by 2020, every important decision, personal or professional, will be made with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

There’s no question that, under these circumstances, the face of procurement is rapidly changing and new skillsets will be required. But does that mean our greatest fear will be realised, robots will seize our jobs and reduce procurement to a back-office function?

In our latest webinar, we’re taking the more optimistic, and realistic, approach that humans can, and will, win the day!

How will the advancement of cognitive technology be an enabler, not the disabler of your career, allowing you and your team to drive superior results for your organisation?



Tania Seary

Founder Procurious

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A true procurement entrepreneur, Tania is the Founding Chairman of Procurious, The Faculty and The Source. Throughout her career, Tania has been wholly committed to raising the profile of the procurement profession and connecting its leaders.

Procurious is the world’s first online community dedicated to procurement and supply chain professionals, which now has 60,000+ followers and members in 140 countries. Providing news, networking, eLearning and powering procurement world-firsts, including Big Ideas Summit and Career Boot Camp, Procurious is the global knowledge hub for a new generation of professionals.

Established sixteen years ago, The Faculty has instigated a number of "firsts" for the procurement profession in Australia, including the development of a Procurement Executive Program through Melbourne Business School, the establishment of a Procurement Roundtable which includes many of Australia's leading organisations, creation of an annual Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Forum and attracting leading global procurement thought leaders to teach in Australia.

Ten years ago, Tania founded The Source, a specialist recruitment firm for the procurement profession.

Tania’s fascination and commitment to procurement development started around twenty years ago in the United States. After finishing her MBA at Pennsylvania State University, Tania became one of Alcoa’s first global commodity managers.

In 2016, Tania was recognized by IBM as a #NewWaytoEngage Futurist and named “Influencer of the Year” by Supply Chain Dive. She hosts regular procurement webinars, and presents at high-profile events around the world.




Justin McBryan

Learning & Development, Strategy, Communications Manager, IBM

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Justin has 20 years of Supply Chain experience and currently serves as IBM Procurements Learning & Development and Strategy Leader at IBM. He has most recently been a Supply Chain Consultant for IBM specializing in logistics and procurement across numerous Industry verticals around the globe, including extended work in China, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Justin's passion for learning and development stems from his desire to collaborate and scale expertise through large organizations. Justin is a proud graduate of Loyola University-New Orleans and currently resides in New York City with his wife.


John Viner-Smith

Principal, Mercer

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John earned his masters in international procurement from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux in 2003 and went to work at JPMorgan Chase as HR Sourcing Manager for EMEA. After a couple of years at JPM he moved into consulting with ATKearney, specialising in Procurement work and stayed in Consulting until 2009 (he moved to Deloitte) until moving back into industry with Dixons Stores Group, where he was Senior Category Manager for Marketing and IT.

After that he spent two years as a Principal at KPMG in Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, where he became involved in work around Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Computing in Shared Services environments before moving to Mercer to focus on a commercial excellence again. He writes and lectures in leading business schools on the topic of Commercial Negotiation.

He currently live in Oxfordshire with his wife and two children.

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