Due to increasing demand, and rising cost pressure on the NHS we need a new model of care that puts patients at the center and bring diagnostics closer to where care is delivered. An efficient POCT service is a key enabler to achieve this and will ultimately improve patient pathways and clinical outcomes.

Biomedical scientists are the key workforce in making sure POCT is a safe, high-quality extension to the laboratory-based pathology service. Quality, convenience and choice are the new pathology partnership that will bring added benefits to patient care.

Siemens Healthineers continues to invest in POCT technologies with the recent acquisition of Epocal Inc., including the epoc® Blood Analysis System, a handheld, wireless testing solution. This uniquely positions Siemens Healthineers to offer the right solutions, in the right settings.


Euan Donald, Business Development Manager, Point of Care GB & I, Siemens Healthineers

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I have always been interested in the benefits of analysing blood nearer to the patient. There are obvious benefits for the patient but the benefits to the organisation were always more difficult to define and the associated infrastructure was missing. As a MLSO and BMS, I was involved in moving blood gas analysers out of the lab and closer to the patient. My interest in this trend continued when I moved into my sales roles. I have been lucky to see blood testing move closer to the patient and the IT systems develop to make the process manageable. I am still excited about the direction and speed with which POC testing is moving and I think I am in a great position to see the trends, influence a little, maybe and help organisations on their POC journey.

David Wells MSc FIBMS CSci

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Until October 2017 David held the position as Director of Operations at Viapath covering GSTT and KCH. He has a diverse experience of providing pathology services to primary, secondary and tertiary care across all pathology disciplines.

David trained at Addenbrookes Hospital qualifying in December 2000, followed by posts at North West London Hospitals Trust in 2006 and Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2009, David was appointed as the Lead Healthcare Scientist for GOSH, covering the entire Healthcare Science workforce, the first person to hold this post.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science, member of the IBMS Special Advisory Group for Clinical Chemistry. He previously acted as Chair of the London Healthcare Science Workforce Group, is a member of the London Scientific Diagnostic Network and is currently a member of the NHS England London Clinical Senate Forum.

June 2015 saw David elected as IBMS council member for the London Region. David has also represented the IBMS on NICE diagnostic advisory panels, and various national forums including an observer on the Royal College of Pathologist Council and in the Parliamentary and Science committee.

October 2017 David took up the role of Head of Pathology services consolidation with NHS Improvement. Leading the exciting change inspired by the Carter report, seeking to deliver efficiency and high-quality pathology services across England.

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