This webinar will cover:

  • Imports into The EU – The position today
    • How import duties and VAT taxes apply in moving goods into the EU now;
    • Simple practical steps to ensure that costs are understood, factored in and most importantly minimised, especially VAT;
    • What practical assistance is available;
  • Movements Between EU countries [UK > EU and vice versa]
    • What high level requirements there are in moving goods around the EU;
    • How taxes can be minimised now in moving goods around the EU;
    • Practical steps to consider
  • The Position Post-Brexit
    • An overview of the current situation with regards to Brexit [as it stands];
    • How this will impact the current situation;
    • Practical steps which can be taken now;
    • What practical assistance is available;

Any business that moves goods into and out of the UK needs to be aware of the rules that will impact taxes payable when goods move cross a border. Although many products in the clinical trial industry are not subject to import duties, other taxes such as VAT can be applied, adding an additional - and often unnecessary - 20% cost to the shipping of goods.

Sharp Clinical Services - in conjunction with David Miller of The VAT People/The Customs People – will demonstrate using real examples, how Sharp can support you to optimise your clinical trial supplies into and out of the UK, from both non-EU and EU locations. Learn how to minimise your tax exposure on shipments and get to grips with your Import/Export regulatory obligations. We will discuss the tax landscape as it is today as well as the impact that Brexit is likely to have on your tax obligation in the future.

Sharp Clinical can either act as your ‘Importer of Record’ in which case all applicable charges will be passed through or alternatively, we can offer you expert tax advice in conjunction with our partners, to guide you through the process of reclaiming VAT.



Ian Morgan

General Manager, Sharp Clinical Services

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Ian has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1978 and is a Charted Chemist. He joined Sharp in 2009 as General Manager of our Clinical Services business in the United Kingdom.

Before moving into contracting, Ian worked in quality and manufacturing for Bayer Schering Pharmaceuticals. He has extensive experience in the global clinical trials market, having worked as Customer Service Director at Fisher Clinical Services, implemented clinical trial packaging and distribution for Piramal Healthcare and run clinical trial production and distribution for Quintiles Sciences in Edinburgh.


David Miller

Customs expert, The Customs people

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David has been involved with VAT and Customs for over 25 years, both within HM Revenue & Customs as a Customs officer and then as a VAT officer and, since 1999, as a VAT & Customs consultant.

As well as being very experienced in assisting clients with VAT issues, David heads up The Customs People which is the Customs & Authorised Economic Operator [AEO] advisory arm of the company, specialising in assisting importers, in particular, operate as efficiently as possible in respect of imports and exports.


Sharp Clinical

Sharp Clinical offers a full complement of clinical trial services, including analytical, formulation development, clinical manufacturing and packaging, storage and distribution. Sharp also offers an interactive response technology (IRT) platform which can accommodate simple to complex randomization schemes as well as clinical supply chain management.

For more information on Sharp and its solutions, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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