igus® is the market leader for motion plastics – energy chains®, chainflex® cables and bearings that use advanced self-lubricating polymers to give long life in moving machinery applications.

Now igus® is adding a whole new range of technologies to its products to eliminate downtime; intelligent plastic products which let you know ahead of time when they need to be repaired or replaced.

The isense family of igus® products consists of various intelligent sensors and monitoring modules for e-chains®, chainflex® cables and bearings. They measure wear or detect damage or breakage to ensure you have no unexpected downtimes. The igus® Communication Module (icom) makes the seamless integration into your IT infrastructure possible. An optional connection with the igus® data centre widens the options: individual lifetime optimisation, faster operational processes like automatic ordering of external maintenance teams or spare parts.

In this webinar Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director at igus® in the UK, will show you how these products work and how they can help you add Industry 4.0 functionality and savings to your machines and factory.




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