This 30-minute high level online solution demo will show how your organisation can:

  • Improve ITSM efficiency and user satisfaction levels with faster resolution times, including higher first-time fix rates
  • Drive better business efficiency with increased user productivity
  • Cut ITSM costs with fewer call-outs
  • Strengthen the business by focusing more ITSM resources on value-adding activities

Product description

With its augmented reality (AR) KTSL offers businesses IT InSight – the opportunity to dramatically improve users’ IT experience and IT Service Management (ITSM) efficiency. The app effortlessly makes the invisible visible by providing instant access to vital system information across the digital workplace.

Business challenge

IT Service Management processes – from form filling to helplines – often frustrate users who have equipment issues. Not anymore. Whether you run your own ITSM or outsource, the KTSL augmented reality app significantly improves user experiences, while cutting the time and expense involved in dealing with relatively minor problems

Imagine an employee has an IT issue that he can’t resolve, such as no WiFi connection or Outlook not working. They have to contact the ITSM service desk via email and wait for a response or call up and hold while the service desk investigates. The downtime means loss of productivity. Slow or poor information exchange negatively impacts response efficiency. The user is frustrated. Perceptions of ITSM are poor. Resolution is costly.

KTSL Solution
From laptops to networks, users and engineers simply scan the relevant hardware with their phone, and the KTSL InSight AR app reveals clear and actionable system status, error and remedial information. The benefits speak for themselves. Faster resolution times, less downtime and more productivity all increase user satisfaction. Higher right first time fix rates, better resource scalability, minimised support costs and reduced training add up to significantly improved ITSM efficiency.




Aaron Perrott

Chief Technology Officer KTSL

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