It seems “lower for longer” will remain industry gospel for a while yet. Against this backdrop, insurers have ramped up investments outside their 'core' assets. While some took that journey of diversification hand in hand with third-party asset managers, others have gone down the route of building in-house capabilities. Now, it seems, we are entering a new era where outsourcing is no longer about providing a service to an insurer, but about building partnerships between underwriters and investment managers.

This webinar by Insurance Asset Risk will look at these issues, and explore what insurers believe the relationship between their industry and asset managers will look like in future.

Among other areas we will discuss:

      • What insurers are looking for now in a third-party asset manager?
      • Where does the balance lie between running investments in-house and externally?
      • How can insurers build in-house capabilities, and what are the challenges in doing so?
      • What are the new forms of relationship emerging between insures and their third-party providers?

Participants will also hear privileged insights from a proprietary research report into insurer outsourcing, which will be published by Insurance Risk Data later this year.



Ankit Shah

Head of investments and treasury, QIC Global

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David Walker

Head of analysis, Insurance Risk Data

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Ian Coulman

Chief investment officer, Pool RE

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Robert Kubin

Chief executive officer, PZU Asset Management

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